Friday, December 4, 2009

set the calliope on "kill"

Dudley Perkins - Expressions (2012 A.U) (listen) I used to think Common had his finger on my particular hip-hop button but one Dudley Perkins of Oxnard, CA is jacked into my hip-hop spinal fluid, pulsing right in sync with my nerve endings, flooding the pits of my old gray, wrinkled brain with summa what he's havin'.

Monkey King - La Lune Se Cache Derriere Les Montagnes (via OngakuBaka) Freeform rock meets free-er formless noise liberating the trapped human animal from its crystal cubicle. Set the calliope on "kill" and prepare for steamboats for space combat! Or, as the band defines it:
"Monkey King is Philippe from Goa on voice/electronics and Will Glass from Dirty Projectors & The Octagons on drums. We have been playing together for ever. This our first release and it's called: La Lune Se Cache Derriere La Montagne. It sounds like Ash Ra Tempel playing an Atari 2600 in an animal spirit possession ceremony."
Love - False Start (listen) I have a hard time listening to any other Love album besides Forever Changes for the same reason I have trouble listening to any album besides Forever Changes, but I just read of Love's 1971 Love Lost being dusted off, and until it bobs up on the stream, this will have to do. Jimi Hendrix, a sixties/seventies guitarist of some note, performs on the opening number.

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