Monday, December 14, 2009

not just "we" but WE

Lee Perry & the Upsetters - Ape-Ology: Super Ape vs. Return of the Super Ape (listen) I fear I may be reading too much into the subtitle of this record, an exaggeration competing against the rediscover of that exaggeration from an artist whose work involves little more than exaggeration and re-discovery, but really, isn't that what we are doing? All the time? Like not just "we" but WE? (makes wide circular hand motions) I 'n' I are sure in a pontificating mood today!

Or dude, think of it as "ion I" - the self as a charged particle looking for an opposite charge so that it may be finally neutralized? Resolution through oblivion! Baseline = bass line! Is that why ol' Scratch has been off hiding in Switzerland, a neutral country? Makes you think....

Niney the Observer - Sledgehammer Dub (In the Streets of Jamaica) (listen) - Niney the Observer, on the other hand, makes me think of nothing at all.

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