Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[The Record Crate] So thanks

You know, there are people in this world that would be envious to have the Dirty Dozen Brass Band just kicking around, something to do on a Friday night. Not too long ago, brass bands at all were a rare sight in our fair city, but they’ve now been woven into the flavor of the city. I know Thanksgiving has officially passed, but I remain thankful that we have a culture that runs a little different from the corporatized, homogenized world that the holiday season has come to represent.

The Thursday night Phil Brady’s Blues jam has been going on for time immemorial, but this weekend’s episode promises to be a big one. Come cavort with nearly every Baton Rouge blues performer that can still hear me when I call, talk down big boss man and extol the virtues of getting loaded. No smoking, red beans and jambalaya are provided and join the Baton Rouge Blues Society if you have a mind to. Out at Teddy’s, our own Larry Garner and Mississippi piano mistress Eden Brent will be shaking them plywood floors.

I’m also thankful for the local talent outside the blues spectrum. Erin Miley knocked me out with her wise-beyond-her-years songwriting a few months back at the Red Dragon and will be performing this week at North Gate Tavern, celebrating the online release of her stellar digital EP The Ardent Sessions. Also, not performing this week, Slobot’s Kevin Hurstell, under the acronym Calvin Hairstyle, has released a powerhouse of a little record Fried Ice on his Web site I’ll have more to say about these releases in weeks to come, but check them out now. Capital city Celtic stylists Smithfield Fair will be celebrating the release of their CD The Longing at Red Dragon this week as well.

Also, on a self serving note, the 11th annual Oxford American Southern Music issue hits the newsstands this week with 2 CDs of music and a contribution from yours truly, but I’d recommend it even if it didn’t. It really is one of the best magazines around (present company excepted, of course).

So yeah, there is plenty to hear, plenty to go see, and I just want to say thanks to all that make it happen. So, thanks.

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