Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dragon of Capital Heights would weep tears of searing flame

Mahlathini - The Lion of Soweto (listen)
tUnE-yArDs - BiRd-BrAiNs (listen)
XTC - The Big Express (listen)

There is nary a cognitive thread that can be laced through these three records except that they all got the herky-jerky about them, and I got the herky-jerky about me lately, so yeah, herky-jerky party!

I do wish I had the wherewithal to justify a nickname like "The Lion of Soweto." I could start calling myself the Dragon of Capital Heights, though I doubt it would stick with my neighbors.

We watched District 9 the other night, a movie I cannot recommend highly enough, and I don't really care much for watching movies. I love a good science fiction movie though, and that is this, plus it has the hammer blow of corralling the aliens in those appalling endless slums in the film's Johannesburg, oh sci-fi and yr metaphors!, until it hit me that this was filmed in actual Johannesburg and those are actual slums that actual people lived in until actually recently, when they like the aliens, were actually carted off to someplace out of sight and worse to live in. And then just this morning, I heard about the lawsuit against the company that made the shoddy FEMA trailers into which the less-resourceful of the manufactured Katrina disaster (another lawsuit altogether) were for years housed, and ahhh, it's too much. The Dragon of Capital Heights would weep tears of searing flame over the world and its horrors, but the rest of us muddle along with that giant spaceship just hanging there in the sky for 20 years, herky-jerky and tra la la. There, I feel better now. As good as you can. What's the word? JOHANNESBURG!

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