Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glenn Danzig: Librarian


Misfits - Walk Among Us (listen) I went to a work holiday party (food from which is pictured above) and came back and that extended special edition Spiritualized album was still on! Endless outtakes and versions like he's Charlie Parker or something. Jeez, y'all, the album is not that good! Jason Pierce with the full weight of the London Community Gospel Choir behind him and Cop Shoot Cop at the controls still can't punch their way through a paper-bag song half as efficiently as can the Misfits, possibly the world's dumbest band. Just like on that trippy Rudolph special, the misfits save the day.

Remember that time Glenn Danzig showed us his personal library? "...and bluh-bluh-bluh-bluh and anyway, Jesus (slam dunk motion) killed the kid." Book TV would pull in some Bravo-style numbers were they to put this show on just as it is, no shirt, candles and all. Forget Steven Seagal: Lawman, I want Glenn Danzig: Librarian.

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  1. Okay, that's the funniest damn thing I've seen in weeks.