Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 11th Annual Oxford American Southern Music Issue

The 11th Annual Oxford American Southern Music Issue is here! and here!

Therein I have a piece about the rise and fall and rise of R&B legend Andre Williams, but one Dixie cup-ful from the bathtub of mind-expanding jungle juice found in its pages and its two accompanying CD's. If you don't know what the Oxford American is, it is a magazine, the best of magazines. Go out and get a copy.

One of the discs is the inauguration of a series about southern states and their music, this one pulling back the mask of Arkansas to reveal its mysterious countenance and highlight its beguiling gaze. Since Sufjan Stevens has totally pussed out on his an-album-for-every-state plan, I'm proud to be associated with a magazine with the vision and Quixotic grit to take up such a noble endeavor in regards to the sounds of the sweatier parts of this wonderful nation.

This is my third consecutive inclusion in an OA music issue; if I had a varsity jacket for life I would sew an "OA" upon the breast.

On newsstands now!

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