Thursday, June 17, 2010

slide off the nails

Harry Nilsson, Pussy Cats
Pernice Brothers, Goodbye, Killer
Mojave 3, Excuses for Travelers

I figured using this science museum picture was just for laughs when all of a sudden, a story about the immortal jellyfish, one that reverts back to polyp stage after maturing and grows up again and again and never dies, appeared on the feed. Synchronicity, like James Joyce was trying to tell me when I has having a twitterlaugh about Bloomsday yesterday. But yeah, when the damn things start filling up the remaining unpolluted parts of the oceans and the doomsday cults all discard their variations on the cross for multi-legged astericks on which to nail each tentacle of the immortal squishy plague, only to have it slide off the nails with a sickening, wet sound, well, who will be laughing then?

That Pernice Brothers record up there streaming on the Spinner is just loveliness upon the lovely. You should stop getting all worked up about apocalypse jellyfish cults (if you can) and listen to it. Not for nothing, as I type this, old Joe's going "I never wanna die, I never wanna die, I never wanna die..."

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