Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's nice in a grand sort of way

Parking lot outside Calandro's, Baton Rouge, 2010

Tarkus, Tarkus (1972/2007, Rhapsody)
Band of Horses, Infinite Arms (2010, Rhapsody)

Obscure Argentine acid rock with just a touch of Burt Bacharach is totally called for in an afternoon like this.

♫ Tarkus, "Tranquila reflexión " (Rhapsody)

And y'all, this new Band of Horses record is just fine. Not spectacular, but when did they set up that expectation in your mind? It's nice in a grand sort of way. Better than sounding like a second-string My Morning Jacket like before. Now they are kind of a less prissy Grizzly Bear. Y'all complain too much.

♫ Band of Horses, "Evening Kitchen " (Rhapsody)

We cut through the parking lot depicted above while walking the dog and she likes to take off running when she steps to the arrows, like a power-up in Mario.

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