Wednesday, June 23, 2010

chi-chi airport

The view at The 5, formerly known as LSU's Pentagon Cafeteria

Neu!, Vinyl Box (out 7/27)

Few foods are taste better when served in a cafeteria, steam-tray setting. Smothered okra and tomatoes are the exception. This place used to be the bleak Pentagon Cafeteria when I was in school here, updated to chi-chi airport splendor and rechristened The 5. The title is for the Pentagon Barracks, ancient old dorms arranged around a pentagonal courtyard. It is boggling to me that I lived there one summer semester in 1989 without air conditioning.

Y'all should be so jealous that I have the new Neu! boxed set already. They get motorik rockabilly at key junctures, like if Two-Lane Blacktop was re-staged with Tron motorcycles. Here is some live '72 Neu! that will sort of paint the picture of how jealous you are of me.

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