Friday, June 4, 2010

I bet scenes like this go down in Paisley Park all the time.

Prince, Lovesexy (1988, Rhapsody)
Jónsi, Go (2010, Rhapsody)

I woke up with Prince in my head, not any one particular song but that synthetic pakk of the drums and hypoallergenic funk. Lovesexy sounds like a contemporary gospel station bleeding through the din of a laundromat, which I kind of love.

I don't really remember what was going on in the photo above; a pen on a retractable lanyard, a dog, and a Spider man costume were involved, so how much more explanation do you need? Big Purple asks in "Positivity" Have U had your plus sign 2 day? and with this, I think so. I bet scenes like this go down in Paisley Park all the time.

Remember how Lovesexy is all one big long track? I love that too.

♫ Prince, "No, Alphabet St.," "Glam Slam," "Anna Stesia," "Dance On," "Lovesexy," "When 2 R In Love," "I Wish U Heaven," and "Positivity" (Rhapsody)

Jónsi is kind of a partially de-sexed, New Music Prince, born into an era where it is not perverse to hole up with your machines and your Ideas, a world that can claim Prince as one of its fathers. Same with that Owl City kid, except he has a sense of humor.

♫ Jónsi, "Animal Arithmetic" (Rhapsody)

The best ever treatise on Prince is this gem from Bill Callahan's Smog years:

Smog, "Prince Alone in the Studio"

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  1. Lovesexy being one track is just all the more proof we need about Prince, the concept.

    I want to get back to you about The Hold Steady on my own blog, but got derailed by noxious parent water-cooler interactions. Don't wait up!