Sunday, June 13, 2010

I sound a little drunk

Popul Vuh, Fitzcarraldo soundtrack
Sapat, Mortise & Tenon

In transcribing interviews today, I find that I sound a little drunk on tape. It is possible that I sound like this in person and what I assumed all this time to be a congenial aura I bring into a situation might instead be the piteous caution one exhibits around drunks. Just laugh politely and he probably won't beat us. Either way, it works for my part of the deal. Keeps people on their toes.

I took a bunch of (I think) funny pictures (the above is one) at the kids' science room at the museum downtown which I will be using to semi-ironically illustrate these missives. I needed to change things up; all the flowers are withered and heat-stroked and there are only so many interior shots I can take of my building before even I get bored with it. Also, my link system was getting too bothersome and brand-intensive for my tastes, so I changed that too. You got a problem with that? Well, do you?

Didn't think so.

Klaus Kinski going off on everyone on the set of Fitzcarraldo.

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