Tuesday, June 1, 2010

non-goth muffins

How To Destroy Angels, How to Destroy Angels (2010, free download)
Current 93, Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain (2009, Rhapsody)
Angels of Light, How I Loved You (2001, Rhapsody)

I don't know that I connect all that much with Trent Reznor's music anymore, or really if I ever did - Pretty Hate Machine was ubiquitous in college for me as were Nine Inch Nails stickers on leather jackets; there was less a question of liking/disliking it as it was how much energy one was going to invest in one's interface with it - but I dig his pop-contrarian ways. People's Poet kind of behavior.

His new joint, How To Destroy Angels, named for one of the lesser incantations of the Coil back catalog, is available for free. If you give a fig, pig. Coil was good 'n' all but my real arch-goth-magick jam is Current 93. David Tibet is my kind of People's Poet.

♫ Current 93, "Invocation of Almost" (Rhapsody)

Also these two three from the band of the guy from Swans, makes me wanna curl up in my bat wings with reserved glee.

♫ Angels of Light, "Untitled Love Song" (Rhapsody)
♫ Angels of Light, "Song for Nico" (Rhapsody)
♫ Angels of Light, "New York Girls" (Rhapsody)

My decidedly non-goth wife and daughter made the equally non-goth, delicious lemon blueberry muffins presented above.

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