Monday, June 14, 2010

Not a blues album

Not a blues album. I mean, I'm sure the case can be made that it is a blues album and that it, in fact is a deeper embodiment of the blues, a bathysphere prowling the abyssal depths of the blues as opposed to a gaggle of half-knowledged historians huddled in a liferaft, bobbing on the surface of the blues. If that is your context, then Blues is a great blues album, maybe the only blues album, but if that is your context, I'd venture to say you don't like the blues as it is and instead only as what you can make it encompass. Like when you say hip-hop is the blues because you can't quite bear the presence of hip-hop unto itself.

Some of y'all might be hesitant to even call what's on this album music, and though I disagree, I'm more on your side than the other.

Told you these science museum pictures were funny.

Old Stackenäs does get bluesy on this number.

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  1. I should not wish to be sitting so close to the saxophonist.