Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to Team Alex Cook!

Charles Mingus - Me Myself An Eye (lala)

Yet another Alex Cook has emerged, this one the composer of Transformers: The Musical, embedded above. She, I believe it's a she - there is a different actor playing Bumblebee in the video, provides the voice of Bumblebee.

It really was a coincidence that I was playing such an introspectively-titled Mingus album when this video revealed itself. Or maybe not. I understand that the ego instructs its host to organize the world to only see others as a reflection of oneself. Like the whoops in "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting;" are they so God can hear us or so that we can hear ourselves trying to be heard, so on our spiritual checklist we can remark, "Well, I did my part?"

Whatever. Well done! Other Alex Cook, welcome to Team Alex Cook!

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