Thursday, February 4, 2010

old paper, Super Chicken, cornbread

Doug Kershaw - Spanish Moss (lala)
File' - Cajun Dance Band (lala)
Beau Jocque & the Zydeco Hi-Rollers - Give Him Cornbread... Live! (lala)

Behold all this ancient paper scored from the office vulture pile in the hall. The box on the left is loose blank stenographer sheets. I want to peck out my own version of Naked Lunch on them using a manual typewriter. On the right are bank-heist-money-packs of blank note cards, so old that the wrappers are splitting. There are being put to good use by the house cartoonist; this morning Super Chicken and Fantastic Fish united against "Ze French." Her Superman bevelling is peerless, but what father wouldn't say that?

Another example of old paper needing beholding is my friend Jacqueline Dee Parker's show currently up at Baton Rouge Gallery. I like the way the lines stretched across the pieces look like they are holding them to the wall, catching them in a spider web, tying them up like Joan of Arc.

From the Baton Rouge Gallery Facebook page

Non-old-paper related but still needing to beheld - Doug Kershaw: Cajun fiddler, moon singer, beat poet.

File' (the Cajun French word for powdered sassafras used as a gumbo ingredient) was an omnipresent force of Cajun music when I was kid, deftly getting Cajun with it inna rawk party stylee. You couldn't swing a funnel cake at a church fair without hitting a member of File'. I envy the succinct confidence and existential footing they exhibit by naming their album Cajun Dance Band.

Ok, don't just stand there marveling at old paper you found in the trash. Go get Beau Jocque some goddamn cornbread already!

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