Friday, February 5, 2010

Another idea worth exploring

The Incredible String Band - The Big Huge (lala)
Blind Willie Johnson - "John the Revelator"

My morning coffee looms large and foreboding, but like everything, from the written word to the Mountain of God, it will eventually be surmounted by those compelled to make the first step, and the wisdom gained will be disseminated in the inevitable post-trip slideshow.

Should any of you want to buy or send me this new book out on Harry Smith, will gladly read it, thank you profusely, and hopefully dissect it as deftly Alexander Provan did in this Bookforum review. I have prattled on about Mr. Smith before; his Anthology of American Folk Music, his films, his presence and prescience all are profound inspirations.

This song, which can found in Smith's Anthology, was likely an inspiration for that John the Revelator book I just read.

There is an illuminating interview with the author Peter Murphy by my outsideleft colleague Joe Ambrose, further exploring that idea.

So yeah, exploring. I just explored this soul food lunch from Zeeland St. Market*. Worth the trip every time.

* Why do restaurants tend to have jacked-up low-rent websites? Another idea worth exploring.

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