Monday, February 1, 2010

"Mandrill" by Mandrill off the album Mandrill

Mandrill - Mandrill
(found here)

There is a conceptual balm to be found in listening to "Mandrill" by Mandrill off the album Mandrill. The link is from The Best of Mandrill, which creates an unnecessary distance between the Mandrill-ness of Mandrill and the "Mandrill" we have in our heads. It's as if Mandrill/"Mandrill"/Mandrill is not good enough for us; we require "The Best." The song is the same, but the syntactic difference seems suddenly important. It's like saying "We can always get back home across the Abyss because there is a rope bridge" denying the possibility of that connection being severed by one quick cut. I advise you not to listen to the track as posted below.

That is precisely the mess into which service-economy thinking has gotten us. As some Facebook friends have pointed out, Black Sabbath understand that purity and Wilco almost get it, but their indie rock hesitancy is revealed by parenthetically designating "Wilco (the Song)" as being on Wilco (The Album). I say cast off your parentheses and run naked in the streets, Wilco. Author, word, and page. Declare yourself fully and wholly. Be artist, art and gallery. Embrace your mandrill spirit. Fling shit if you must, but at least that shit is yours.

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