Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If I ran Sandals: Garbage Island

John & Ernest - "Superfly Meets Shaft, Part Two" (Jukeboxmafia via Bruce Eaton's BIG STAR RADIO CITY blog)
The Eternals - Black Museum (lala)
Madlib - Madlib Medicine Show #1: Before the Verdict (lala)
The Meters - "Zony Mash" (Boogie Woogie Flu)
Various Artists - Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 37 – Ghost Dance (ROOT BLOG)
Suzanne Vega - "Gypsy"

I wanted to post this picture of the camellias in the backyard while they are still adamant about displaying themselves. It has little to do with the music described below.

All I can say about "Superfly Meets Shaft, Part Two" is wow, that is an abrasive song. Be sure to read Bruce's story about it. The post-everything burglar alarm racket funk of the Eternals will do little to sooth any jarring of contents experienced during "Superfly Meets Shaft, Part Two," nor will Madlib's concept DJ album about the OJ Simpson trial, but the Meters should set everything right for but a moment, but the latest missive from the mysterious Mississippi Records will known down that house of cards.

Or, you could just look at the flowers and be glad you don't yet live on Toxic Garbage Island, the Texas size island of garbage floating somewhere out in the Pacific. A friend and I wondered during the parades how many tons of Mardi Gras beads wind up on Toxic Garbage Island, and then wondered if one day people would build floating resorts on it, like Sandals: Garbage Island. If I ran Sandals: Garbage Island, I would find John & Ernest and have them play their hit single "Superfly Meets Shaft, Part Two" during the Flotsam Luau on a beach made out of actual foam sandals every night as our visitors watch the sun sink into the garbage horizon.

Suzanne Vega remade "Gypsy," my favorite song of hers recently. She would be a suitable substitute were the John and Ernest deal to fall through.

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