Thursday, February 11, 2010

total commitment

The Red Krayola - Five American Portraits

I've posted enough pictures of the beef noodle soup at Koi, so here is the seaweed salad. It's a little like eating dental floss, crunchy, delicious, health-inducing dental floss. I bet if it was made with a green tea and echinacea dressing, one's wounds - physical, mental, spiritual - would before your eyes heal. The triangular plate looks a little like the Starfleet emblem, which is fitting, for I believe this is what food will be like in the future.

I am putting Twitter and probably all my numbers and thoughts and the purity of my precious bodily fluids at risk by hooking them to Google Buzz just to see how the future will play out - with us huddled under clouds of swarming data eating cold seaweed Star Trek food with sticks. It will be worth it. We must have total commitment even if we deny each other our essence.

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