Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Gorillaz- Demon Days (lala)
Slum Village - Detroit Deli: A Taste of Detroit (lala)
Joe Zawinul - Rise and Fall of the Third Stream/Money in the Pocket (lala)

The non-band-ness of Gorillaz seemed the perfect counterpoint to all those Mandrill semiotics. Detroit's Slum Village circa 2004 is the spiked-jello-salad at the church picnic of future-retro jamz.

I am still on the fence about Joe Zawinul and Weather Report and the general et al of fusion. I imagine fusion is anxiously awaiting my verdict.

Speaking of retro/semiotic/jello/whatever, this here boxed set is why people collect records. I'm pretty sure I had that Art Bears single once upon a time.

This post is going nowhere, kinda like Sukie in her faerie getup, but also like her, I too feel the wind picking up under my wings and think I have my nose pointed in the right direction.

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