Friday, July 9, 2010

up on the Rumpus!

Love on fire in Fireworks City, St. Charles, Mo.

Adrian Belew, Desire of the Rhino King
Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick, Mr. Nick presents: A tribute to Stevie Wonder Vol. 1 (1961​-​1969)

Media Announcement: My favorite lit/culture site going is the Rumpus; a catch-all of egghead stuff that hits my buzzer button. In fact, I was perusing an article about the Russian Liberation Army linked from one of their work-daily Morning Coffee posts when notified an earache-influenced review of David Markson's The Last Novel penned by yours truly is gracing their pages. I'm thrilled to be up on the Rumpus! Toss them some money! Join their book club! Or even their poetry book club!

Not sure what message exactly this video is supposed to convey, or why "Adidas in Heat" was used as the soundtrack, but it is the kind of sense the 80s/90s made back then.

Adrian Belew, "Adidas in Heat"

Kinda like how this Stevie Wonder tribute thing makes perfect sense now. (HT to David "Gorjus" McCarty)

<a href="">01 - fingertips (rock the crowd) by Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick</a>

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