Thursday, July 22, 2010

this is not a Fugazi post

My office building used to be a hotel and in the hallways are  inset mirror niches so you can check yourself out, so check me out.

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
Fugazi, In on the Kill Taker

Red Medicine is supposed to be the album that makes one sputter with inability to express how fundamentally awesome Fugazi is to yahoos who have somehow muddled through their dull, muted existences without ever once tasted the.... annnyway, In On the Kill Taker is the first Fugazi CD I wore out and it still sets my compass to Magnetic Fugazi.

Fugazi, "Facet Squared" circa 1998.

Guy Picciotto's riff after the whole sonar blip intro is teenage ability in the face of inability incarnate. I guess every fast guitar riff is that, but this one nails it, and then come the thunder of drums and bass and the whole band and the ALL OF US IN THIS TOGETHER C'MON and then Ian Mackaye yelling about what he's yelling about staggers me every time.

But this is not a Fugazi post. It is a continued admission to thinking about that stupid Bravo Work of Art show. I'm glad Peregrine finally showed what she was made of. When we lived in Kansas City, her work was everywhere, little cherubim fluttering around the margins of the Pitch, coyly cornering the attention at group shows. Hers always embodied art-student art to me: cute expressions of her then with little depth to it. Now, I get it*; it's always that way to some level, we just grow into something with enough depth so that our art has something to embody.

All I know is Miles better get run through the mill soon. I want that cocky judge to accuse him of filling the gaps in his aesthetically controlled art with his behavior: the naps, the refusals to really do the challenges, the easy reversals he kicks around, his dopey tree-house and Christmas light booty dream of the hot sculptor girl with the weird piled on hair, etc.  I want to smash him! Which means I totally buy into what the show is trying to do. I play to their rules, man. I'd make a great cop.

Fugazi, "Great Cop"

I do like the new Blogger editor, but that probably doesn't help my coolness a bit.

* Not because of the show; I figured this out a while back on my own. Just saying.

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