Tuesday, July 27, 2010

everyone involved is a Pharaoh

The Pharaohs, "Damballa"

The Pharaohs, Awakening
Funkadelic, America Eats Its Young

I read the Eric Mercury from the last post was a member of the Pharaohs but I don't think it was this Pharaohs, which whatever. Everybody in this band, according to one set of YouTube annotation (and what data besides that are we to trust in this world?) everyone involved is a Pharaoh.
LP: Awakening (1972, Scarab Records)

Bass, Cowbell, Vocals - Pharaoh Ealee Satterfield
African Drums, Tumba, Flute, Congas, Cowbell, Vocals - Pharaoh Derf Reklaw Raheem
African Drums, Tumba, Vocals - Pharaoh Shango Njoko
African Drums, Cowbell, Congas, Tambourine - Pharaoh Oye Bisi
Quinto Drum, Saxophone [Alto] - Pharaoh Black Herman
Trap Drums, Tumba - Pharaoh Alious
Engineer - Brian Christian
Engineer [Recording Engineer] - Stu Welder
Guitar, Lead Vocals - Pharaoh Yehudah Ben Israel
Mastered By - George Horn
Mixed By [Re-mix Engineer] - Roger S. Anfinsen
Saxophone [Alto, Tenor, Baritone], Flute, Cowbell - Pharaoh Don "Hippmo"
Trombone, Bassoon, Brass [Baritone Horn], Drums [Big Black Drum] - Pharaoh (Big) Willie Woods
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Percussion, Vocals, Brass [Peck Horn], Woodwind [Africa Shawm] - Pharaoh Ki
Tuba, Tambourine, Brass [Baritone Horn] - Pharaoh Aaron Ifad Dodd

I'm not sure which sobriquet is better: Pharaoh Black Herman or Pharaoh (Big) Willie Woods. I'd be honored to live up to either. This Smokey Robinson cover speaks to the width of their light beam entering the Pharaohs' prism

The Pharaohs, "Tracks of My Tears"

and this one demonstrates how that light gets bent.

The Pharaohs, "Great House"

One of the great undersung Funkadelic masterpieces.

Funkadelic, "You Hit the Nail on the Head"

This just showed up out of nowhere, like I guess a rotary connection would do.

Rotary Connection, "I Am the Black Gold of the Sun"

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