Friday, July 30, 2010

juke joint tamales

Teddy's Juke Joint, photo by Frank McMains
Teddy's DJ booth. Photo by Frank McMains. It's like the Sign O' the Times cover come to life.

Matthew Dear, Black City
Gorillaz, Live in Damascus (streaming at NPR)

Media Announcement: My interview with Cohen Hartman, local song wizard turned label honcho turned recording engineer appears in the August issue of 225, hitting stands any second now.

I went out to Teddy's last night with a couple of friends to collect some sound and vision for a radio piece and its web counterpart. Nancy rustled us up some some juke joint tamales at 11pm on a Thursday. It's not a  bad life I have.

I shot this one.

If you cannot tell by contrast, Frank is a real photographer and I am a snapshotter. You should check out his site Lemons and Beans where he tries to take one good photo every day, and does. His food writing is totally on point as well.  Below is one he took of Swede, Teddy and myself, with Swede demonstrating his audio-gathering firepower. His arm has to be hurting by the time this was taken; Teddy's tells all of a story when he tells a story. I'm going to see into some funding to facilitate this crew to go with me everywhere I go. Ed. to add: I might budget for a copy editor as well.

Teddy's Juke Joint, photo by Frank McMains
Swede, Teddy, Me on the front patio at Teddy's.  Photo by Frank McMains

You LCD-oriented, post-disco niteclubbers out there, as well as you astute treadmill runners, should be on the lookout for the Matthew Dear record Black City in a couple of weeks. It's the business.

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  1. It would make life easier if we were all accompanied by a sound engineer and photographer. Good times last night. Anytime you need my camera or endless banter in the car, let me know.