Monday, July 19, 2010

seen while

Quonset hut on campus seen while taking the back way to the bank. Look inside.

Big Boi, Sir Luchious Left Foot... the Return of Chico Dusty
Saul Williams, Saul Williams
Mike Ladd, Nostalgialator
Gorillaz, Plastic Beach
LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening

Things are peachy today: I got the good word on a story's publication and somebody remarked on how trim I look - my secret is the $7 "athletic fit" t-shirts at Target - but one must keep one's fortune in check. After reading this article about the vast office spaces used in the top-secret national security complex, I am reminded to be thankful to work in a place full-up with oak trees, age, and quaintness. I'm also thankful to not be a content reviewer for social networking sites.

Sign seen while cutting through the geology building on the way back.

Mike Ladd, "Housewives at Play," though the song I really like is "How Electricity Really Works."

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