Wednesday, July 14, 2010

however curious the means

My pong example is looking FIERCE.

Media Announcement: I sing the praises of These Children, Phosphorescent, the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana and the Incense merchants in this week's Record Crate blog for 225.

I am wiped out from teaching this video game design class this week, though I really like my students. A few of them are acolytes in the Way of the Code and therein may actually become producers of the things they want as opposed to mere consumers of them. I'm gonn try to go swimming later. Outside of that, I got nothing.

Oh, I do have something. Justice Yeldham. He's a noise artist who makes an ungodly racket by pressing a piece of glass against his face and making noises. The vibrations are picked through a contact mic on the glass and then run through a bunch of effects pedals on his belt and then amplified for no doubt, baffled audiences. I don't know if it's good - that might not exactly be the court in which this guy is shooting hoops - but it is also an example producing the results you want, however curious the means.

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