Monday, March 22, 2010

star-eyed children of the Rocket Age

Breaking Bad (official site)
Harry Nilsson - Knnillssonn (lala)

We have National Geographic maps and inserts up all over the house. The one above hangs in a window allowing the astronauts and star-eyed children of the Rocket Age (of which I am one) to peer back through the earth from moon. The most profound result of arguable folly is perspective. It looks like one of those dense Rauschenberg Stoned Moon prints, among his best work in my opinion.

Robert Rauschenberg, Local Means, via the Kemper Art Museum

Harry Nilsson similarly peered back at the world through a stoned moon.

I'm going to go out on a limb and be optimistic about the health care bill. I don't believe it will immediately fix things and in fact it will likely jack some things up in the interim before it does but, man, it feels like we actually live in a democracy. America dared to do something! Something controversial! Maybe even short-sighted and reckless, maybe it will save us all. It's a great moment for everybody to feel the wind in their sails, even if you are using your heart as a rudder and your faith as a compass and a blanket for a sail. Harry Nilsson and all of us moon children approve.

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