Wednesday, March 17, 2010

product placement

Vampire Weekend - Contra
(lala) and Vampire Weekend (lala)

Please do not read anything into the juxtaposition of fresh meat, freezers, and blocks of cheese with Vampire Weekend. I'm just trying to say the LSU Dairy Store has fresh goat and in-house made cheese in their freezers and I would welcome a taco or burrito-like juxtaposition of both. I would top it with some of Malco's Magnificent Salsa, some of the best salsa I've ever had, available at the Red Stick Farmer's Market on Saturdays. This bout of product placement is both unsolicited and unpaid, in case the FCC or whoever is wondering.

Your weekly concert itinerary can be found up at this week's Record Crate for 225 Magazine. That one is paid for, a little anyways.

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