Friday, March 5, 2010

It beats the arch-Americana

Smart: @JennyHolzer on Twitter. Straighten up yr act with some Jenny Holzer's truisms.

The Mother Hips - Pacific Dust (lala)
Shooter Jennings & Hierophant - Black Ribbons (lala) Each twice.
Trailer for "The Runaways" (via The Awl)
Calexico - "I Send My Love To You" (Captain Obvious)
North Mississippi All-Stars - Live at the Highline Ballroom, 2/26/2010 (nyctaper)

Those sons of country pioneers are a bunch of shapeshiters. Shooter Jennings has crafted something along the lines of a vaugely Skynyrdian take on Tool, complete with paranoid Art Bell radio inserts. I dunno, I dug it. It beats the arch-Americana one unfortunately expects and often gets from a dude whose dad we all love too much. The Mother Hips make me wanna go on a road trip; in fact I am this weekend, so I'll bring them along.

On my second trip to the book bazaar I saw a weathered copy of Nilsson Sings Newman and it made me wonder why no one does that anymore. How come there isn't a Banhart sings Oldham record out there? I bet it would be pretty. Until there is, Calexico is taking up the slack with their bio-luminescent cover of a Will Oldham number from the early Palace years.

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