Wednesday, March 31, 2010

keep an eye on the t-shirt rack


Big Star - Keep an Eye on the Sky (lala)

The coolest news is that my daughter found an official Daniel Johnston t-shirt in her size at a thrift store in town. She knows Daniel Johnston partially because of the "Hi, How Are You?" DJ-themed iPhone game she likes to play (she's playing it right now) and partially because her dad inundated her with his music while working on an article a couple years back. Months later she asked me, "Can we listen to that old man that sings like a teenager?" which, had it been available for swiping for my article, would've been my best line ever.

Right now I'm inundating her with Big Star for the same reason. I tried to ply her for a perfect line but no dice. I'll keep an eye on the t-shirt rack and maybe there's a Big Star shirt out there in my size (XL, in case you are looking to send me one.)

The second coolest news can be found in this week's Record Crate blog for 225, where I hype the screening of Still Bill, the excellent Bill Withers documentary at the Manship Theatre and the Mud-In celebration of Muddy Waters' birthday out at Teddy's.

Still Bill Trailer from STILL BILL on Vimeo.