Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please help my Clown Troupe Leader

Various Everly Brothers videos on YouTube

My daughter dropped the phrase "bird doggin'" in our conversation on the way to school this morning, and that summoned the Everly Brothers from their damnation in the Sonic Drive-In good time oldies PA hell.

I love the slack malevolence in Don's slurring of "He's a bird" and "He's a dog" here on the Alma Cogan show from 1961.

"All I Have to Do Is Dream" might be one of the few perfectly formed things in this world, but the one that really got me this time is "Cathy's Clown," never one of my favorites of theirs.

The brave frailty in "I've got to stand tall"... Phil Everly practically gulps those words, looking out the corner of his quivering eyes, balling his tiny ineffective fists in case the inevitable arrives. He's gonna kick that clown's ass.

Speaking of clowns and their possible summoning from a different place of eternal torment, I just got this email forward from someone I know who is a clown for charity:
Dear All,

Most of you remember my alter ego, "Pedals" the Clown.
Please help my Clown Troupe Leader Terry aka Rainbow, make bail for MDA.

Please visit her website and help her make bail (any donation is appreciated)...I will need her at the next clown function, please help her get out!!!!

For those that only want to make a $1 donation---I am collecting and will take to her to make bail at the function.

Thanks in advance of your support!

[name removed]
aka "Pedals" and
"Chef Salad" (hospital clown)
Speculation at what the clown friend had done to land in jail was running high when this clarification came following
My clown Friend is in the (MDA) Muscular Dystrophy Association "Lockup"....sorry for any confusion....
Either way, a clown's freedom should not be curtailed, Phil Everly's jealosy and muscular dystrophy be damned. To make a donation towards Rainbow's freedom, click here.

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