Friday, March 5, 2010

revolutionaries linger

Thee Silver Mt. Zion memorial Orchestra - Kollaps Tradixionales (lala)
Various Artists - Zabriskie Point Soundtrack (lala)
The Mother Hips - Pacific Dust (lala)

Hey, Sweet Tooth #8 is out and about. Paper Shrine did a stunning layout job, setting the bar high for Baton Rouge culture broadside design. There are copies up at Highland Coffees and elsewhere that revolutionaries linger, and PDF copies are available here. In this issue we dissect 2009 to see who we actually are today.

Also, in this week's Record Crate blog for 225 Magazine, we (that's the editorial we instead of the royal one) say goodbye to blues harmonica legend Brian "B. B." Bruce and question the way we sanitize our legends vs. letting them keep it real.

Thee Silver Mt. Zion memorial Orchestra believe in the cause more than you believe in anything, and that belief is meted out in raw throats and expertly recorded guitar reverb. Here they are doin' their thing over Zabriskie Point footage.

I've never seen Zabriskie Point, dubbed by David Fricke "one of the most extraordinary disasters in modern cinematic history" but that is enough to pique my interest. The soundtrack is a sunny, wasted afternoon of hippie-pocalypse sweetness.

The Mother Hips, well, they are just sweet hippies, which, like Jesus, is alright with me. I particularly like this rambling idyll through the childhood of one of my favorite composers, Charles Ives.

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