Saturday, March 27, 2010

The gravy on the fries is the same roast beef


Suicide - The First Album (lala)
Alex Robinson - Too Cool to be Forgotten (Amazon)
Uncle Tupelo - Anodyne (lala)
Wilco - A.M. (lala)

To all, but particularly Lori, poutine queen of Los Angeles, behold! The fries with gravy at Parkway Bakery & Tavern in New Orleans, with the equally mindbending roast beef poboy behind it. This meal quickly becomes a crime scene. The gravy on the fries is the same roast beef. Repeat that sentence as your new mantra. Jerri and I set out on a day of museum-going, but after this we decided to motor back on the belly of this wondrous carnage.

Underneath are the farmer's market bounty of near-translucent creole and grape tomatoes and an orgy of strawberries.

I walked the dog to Suicide this morning and thought a John Waters-suburbia fetish video would be perfect for this music. Mink Stole taking out the trash. Patty Hearst walking a terrier.

I'm sure a million others share this sentiment for a million reasons: Uncle Tupelo should have never broken up. They could have grown apart/together in the stupid auspices of a stupid band and pushed and pulled in their own directions. My wife rightly points out they sound like angels on Anodyne.

Not that Wilco is exactly a slouch band in my opinion. I salute their nebulous expansion, but man, nothing sounds as good as their first record on the highway.

To the careful reader that sent me the little balls of jasmine green tea, thanks! Your taste, like the tea, is impeccable!

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  1. I've been going back to Anodyne, especially New Madrid, quite a bit lately myself. It's my plan to spend my first free Sunday in ages a week and a half from now listening to it on my back porch with a sixer of tall boys in a galvanized steel bucket in preparation of the lazy days of summer.