Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"knuckle sandwich"


Ian McLagan - Here Comes Trouble
Rockpile - "Now & Always"
Orphan Town - Volume 1 (lala)

I love pub rock. Who else but a pub rocker will include searing guitar fuzz, echo effects and the phrase "knuckle sandwich" in the same song and ironically own it? I didn't realize McLagan was the keyboardist for Faces/Small Faces and did session work with the Stones and everybody. Also, I love this video.

To reader Dan, the boogie raconteur ringleading the highly excellent Orphan Town, I haven't forgotten to suss out the chorus is "Now and Always." I have emails into Nick Lowe, hoping he will settle the mystery of what he's saying in the chorus.

Here is Orphan Town evoking the smoky dread of Elia Kazan. The above photo (taken by William G. Osborne III) depicts yours truly in full Mardi Gras mode, posing with a Bloody Mary in the bar of the Hotel Cazan in Mamou, LA, thus executing one of the most tenuous segues yet on this blog (Kazan/Cazan... get it? Hello...?) I think it would make a great book jacket photo.

"Get It Got It Good" is a total pub rock knuckle sandwich of a song.

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