Monday, May 4, 2009

This hour of Hawkwind radio is brought to you by Acme Orgone Generators

For all the divergent music I saw this weekend, the actual ethos of the weekend was captured neatly in the Hawkwind Pandora station (Pandora link) I listened to in the car to and from Jazzfest adn traipsing around New Orleans. So titrated is it that it keeps a tight rotation involving a Hawkwind song (listen), some off-brand 13th Floor Elevators/Rocky Erickson song (listen), then a smattering of hard rock psychedelia, of which these are some of the more notable selections

Mountain - Eruption (listen) When tractor pulls are staged in the rodeo arena on Valhalla for the amusement of fallen Vikings, Mountain is summoned to play a half-time set. (Ed to add: I don't know whether this is a common opinion, but KISS took their sound wholesale from Mountain and then watered it down)
Steve Hillage - Motivation Radio (listen) This album could not be more aptly named. His chipper, optimistic vocals over unfolding, undulating kaleidoscope jamz could not be more motivational. I'm keeping this on hand should I ever activate that gym membership.
Kak - Kak-Ola (more info) This came on a couple times over the weekend, broadcast from atop that continental divide between the sublime and the ridiculous, from where the finest progressive rock emanates.

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