Monday, May 11, 2009

got a thing

I got a thing for Belle & Sebastian lately. (listen)

Ohio's Teacher's Pet provides the hormonal power pop to which Belle & Sebastian so deftly allude on their recent albums. There is however, no intellectual distance between the itch and how you scratch it on their sole 1979 album. (listen)

Their hormone rebel thesis ""(Meet Me At The) Hot Dog Stand (In Half An Hour But Don't Tell Your Dad)" is so complete it requires two parentheticals to contain it.

Frozen Bears are local, but no reason to hold that against them. This record 2000 takes the DIY four-track-in-the-practice-space aesthetic and propel it into the realm of DIYDS - do it your damn self music. The duo manage to pull together Guided By Voices Bee Thousand, Sonic Youth Dirty, Beat Happening Jamboree, and an old Cramps mixtape like Voltron, a heroic amalgam capable of attacking any problem. More on this record soon. (listen)

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