Thursday, May 21, 2009

funk lava meltdown

Electric Masada - [John Zorn's] 50th Birthday Celebration, Volume Four (listen) A total Bitches Brew style funk lava meltdown with just a twist of Zorn cartoon violence.

Dr. John - Remedies (listen) I'm just recently overcoming a lifelong aversion to Dr. John. No fault of the Night Tripper, but the dude was a ubiquitous, growling PR clown going on about N'awlins and Popeye's Chicken at every turn when I was a kid, and it took years to not hear that when I hear him.

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - He's Coming (listen) I am an unabashed fan of the funk recitation voice-over.

Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul (listen) Honestly, I think this is a better album title than it is an album, but this song is the definition of funk lava meltdown

But if one was to ever make a case against the funk recitation voiceover, Hayes' 18-minute deconstruction of "By the Time I Get to Phoenix' would be exhibit A

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