Friday, May 22, 2009

5 pranks to pull on the garbage truck

The garbage truck that handles our neighborhood is one of those with a giant robot arm that lifts the garbage can high up into the air and dumps the trash into the open top. It is, to me and my daughter, riveting to watch when we encounter it on our walks to school. We thought up these five pranks to play on the garbage truck robot arm.

  1. Cover the outside of the garbage can with glue so the robot arm can't let go of it, and it has to shake it loose off its hand.

  2. Make a number of nesting garbage cans with the bottoms cut out, sitting one on top of each other, like one of those Russian dolls, so that when the arm picks up the can, there is another one still sitting there, then another, and another, and so on until it comes to a tiny garbage can at the very bottom.

  3. Make a replica garbage can out of Jell-O so when the robot arm grabs it....SQUISH!

  4. Connect a giant spring from the bottom of the garbage can to the ground so when the robot arm tries to pick it up, it gets pulled back to the ground. Preferably, this would repeat a number of times.

  5. Make a garbage can that has the same dimensions except that it is 100' tall, then dig a hole deep enough so that when you put the tall garbage can in the hole, it looks like a regular garbage can. When the robot arm tries to pick it up, it has to keep pulling and pulling until it has this gigantic garbage can taller than the truck.

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