Wednesday, May 13, 2009

metal health will drive you mad

Witch - s/t (listen) J. Mascis' stoner metal hobby band delivers on its teleological promise.

It is rumored that the new Wilco album Wilco (the Album) is being streamed at their website, but it is not working because all y'all are already listening to it right now. That's alright, who cares, I was over Wilco by the time AM came out anyway. It was all downhill after Coffee Creek... (hits refresh, tries different browser, quietly weeps...)

Melvins - Stag - Eff Wilco and their stupid streaming "negotiation" errors anyway. They got some nerve not giving me their new album for free right now! Melvins are a man's band anyway. Melvins are too thick to stream. Melvins comes out more like a lava floe.

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