Friday, April 3, 2009

Cobra Commander or Satan or Sprint or whoever

Venice is Sinking - AZAR (listen) Some smart-listening compatriot of mine reported listening to this recently somewhere in the chatmosphere and though I can't remember who that person was, I am thankful for and smartly heeding their smart suggestion. That is how it is now: we know each other and ourselves through each other without the baggage of having to know who the other actually is. Probably just the way Cobra Commander or Satan or Sprint or whoever planned it to play out. Anyway, my trusty space-rock station on Pandora was getting too tightly recursive, while this, tangential to that tight little ball of glooomy chimey guitars over hushed march beats, is like opening the window and airing out the place.
Chora - The Baptist Grip (listen) Hey whaddayaknow, there is a Drone category under's browse options. This one, "Catfish Rib Bone Tunnel," might rid your house (or head) of vermin.

This is Your Captain Speaking - Eternal Return (listen) I am back to that same flavor of nugget that Pandora is dishing up, but truth be told, I like this kind of nugget a lot.

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