Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[The Record Crate] The Situation at Chelsea's

The situation with Chelsea's losing its liquor license is disappointing. Not because of the vagaries of licensing or zoning draconia; I don't pretend to understand the mechanics of that racket. It is disappointing because it is hard to find something that works for Baton Rouge. Places are deemed too cliquish or not cliquish enough, too weird or too normal. Chelsea's acts as a bridge between the bread-and-butter normalcy of Baton Rouge's core and its bubbly progressive fringe. Having two bars under one roof so that live music fans and people who just want to drink and play foosball can all find something to do is brilliant. Patio dining, hell, food associated with nightlife at all, a decent sound system, dance floor and a roster of roots-oriented music (but not exclusively)—Chelsea's covers most of the bases. It's a good idea that actually works in Baton Rouge. Hopefully the government forces intent on shutting it down will find some way to keep it open and continue to keep collecting their licensing fees. Let one of the rare sustainable, home-grown, good ideas in town keep the doors open.

Speaking of home-grown ideas, Dave Hinson (of Baton Rouge Symphony, Polly Pry, and Righteous Buddha) is looking for performers to stage Terry Riley's In C in Spanish Town on May 9. The 1964 piece is designed to allow an indeterminate number of performers of varying skill levels come together and create something grand. The simple score can be found here. If interested, get in touch with me through the 225 contact page and I will pass your info on to Dave.

Fest For All is poised to take over downtown Baton Rouge this weekend, featuring Henry Gray, Cohen & the Ghost, Washboards Chaz Blues Trio and the Myrtles among others on two stages. Piquing my interest are the Sax Project, a saxophone quartet augmented for the day by John Smart of Righteous Buddha on organ, and Zazou City, self-described New Orleans Gypsy Jazz. The full schedule can be found here. The usual assortment of food vendors and kids entertainment will be in effect—I am predicting my Saturday will involve face painting and a shark-kebab. I could complain that Fest For All is not edgy enough to stick out or that it is smack dab in the middle of the pileup of other festivals competing for attention, but truthfully, I'm glad it happens. Hope they've got all their papers in order.

Wednesday, April 29

Diplo (performing at Velcro) at Spanish Moon

Selwyn Cooper and the Sharecroppers at Teddy's Juke Joint

Thursday, April 30

Maybelle at Red Star

Candlebox at The Varsity

The Mighty Orq and The Rip at North Gate Tavern

Friday, May 1

Panthalassa (CD Release party) at Spanish Moon

Meriwether at The Varsity

Bright City Lights at Click's

Marcus Elizondo and Todd O'Neill at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's

Randy Pavlock at Teddy's Juke Joint

Kenny Neal at Phil Brady's

Saturday, May 2

Here is Why and The Heist at North Gate Tavern

Lucid and Shattered Display at North Gate Tavern

The Anteeks at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's

Eden Brent at Teddy's Juke Joint

The Roebucks at Phil Brady's

Sunday, May 3

Eden Brent at Teddy's Juke Joint

Tuesday, May 5

MC Chris and Whole Wheat Bread at Spanish Moon

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