Friday, April 3, 2009

raise up a giant ladder

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive (listen) This album makes me want to go rollerblading, likes serious strenuous rollerblading, power gliding down the bike path in time with rock anthem fireworks, maybe even holding up my fists Rocky-style at let this be my annual reminder that we can all be something bigger. I have never been on rollerblades in my life, so this is all conjecture of what it would be like, and factoring in that I feel like crap this morning after eating like I was preparing for hibernation yesterday only pushes that further into the imagined.
Swearing at Motorists - Along the Inclined Plane (listen) The first time I saw the Hold Steady, these guys opened up, and if the Hold Steady is the realized dream of the rock-enthralled teenager, Swearing at Motorists is the reality, just two dudes rocking out at the limit of their potential, leaving the empty space to be filled with the stuff of those dreams. Like all teenage dreamers, and perhaps, like all things, they rock a lot harder more consistently live than on album. This little number, with its brief quote form the excellent Brian Eno-before-he-was-ambient classic "Here Come the Warm Jets", is a fine example of their artistry.

The Clash - Super Black Market Clash (listen) So, in keeping with the the Hold Steady theme - let's raise a glass to St. Joe Strummer, Sometimes I think he was our only decent teacher. Intellectually, let's not get carried away here, but raise a glass nonetheless. Even when they weren't that great, they were still pretty great. Look at how much they pack into a mere 2:23


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