Wednesday, April 15, 2009

feelgood hit of the season

I am big into the keyboard-heavy Petit Fors by Grand Duchy (listen), the new thang Black Francis/Frank Black has going with his wife Violet Clark, moreso than I have been for any the last couple of his solo things. Bigger review forthcoming, but the feelgood hit of the season is "Fort Wayne"

I love the Band's The Band (listen). Ireducable as their name. The network magic that was allowing me to listen to the previous streaming from my computer petered out halfway to the library, and the gods put this miraculously on my iPod and suddenly all the bells were ringin' and the people were singin', and well, you know how it went. It was as if I thought "I want to hear a band," and lo, there was the Band.

I always forget about this song, and pleasantly surprised when it comes around

Magic is conjured in this session with Peter Walker and Jack Rose (listen) from the Free Music Archive - it is "positive music for a driven lifestyle," as Mr. Walker proclaims, as it is, albeit at a slower pace at this live concert from the reformed Krautrock touchstone Harmonia at ATP NY 9/20/2008 (listen) also on the Free Music Archive.

And I love The Horrors' new album Primary Colors (listen on MySpace) coming out next week digitally. It might be the feel despondent hit of the season, but I'm into it.

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