Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant

From here on out, I defy whatever sort of cultural entropy that has allowed me for the last 20 years of Baton Rouge occupation to drive right past this place on Airline. Maybe it is the same entropy that makes it look like it might not be open.

But it is open! And it has actual dim sum served in the little round trays

And you order off the card that boasts of things like chicken feet and jellyfish salad

And has amazing potstickers for the less adventurous in your party

But the star of the meal is the clay pot rice, here with chicken

If you need a reference point from typical Louisiana fare, it is the most refined jambalaya you've ever tasted.

I've had dim sum in Chinatown NYC and in some hidden upscale Seattle-area place my boss took me when I worked for Microsoft and this hit the same pleasure centers. Knowing there is dim sum right here within reach is like suddenly discovering a hidden tunnel behind an unused kitchen cabinet, making me wonder why I've never peeked in that door before.

On Airline between Goodwood and Old Hammond.


  1. I enjoy the photo-book/menu allowing you to merely point for your gluttony.