Monday, April 27, 2009

My first web page

My very first GeoCities web page is still up and running in its MS Paint, GIF Construction Set glory, but Yahoo!, GeoCities new owner, is going to shut it down some time this coming year. It was a good run, Soho 1274. I would amend the "general" page that I have a child and no longer smoke, but who knows how or if you can you even update this thing now.

This page, for a set of drawings from an art show I had at the defunct Burn gallery (later to become Insomkneeacks) was my finest html hour. I think I sold that whole set of drawings.

With it goes the subsite for the Happy Hour, a lounge music show I did at KBRH back in 1997. Adios, indeed.

Magically, the Spanish Town Rock Association site is still up!

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