Thursday, April 16, 2009

folk my life

Elliott Smith
and Peter Doherty couldn't have different trajectories - Smith arose from nowhere seemingly against his will and died according; Doherty was practically put together from leftover Sex Pistols copy by the marketing departments of the British press, shockingly still alive despite all that he has done to the contrary - and yet here they are. XO (listen) is being examined in an upcoming 33 1/3 book by Matt LeMay; Doeherty has in the last few weeks released a lush, rather smart, grown-up album Grace/Wastelands (listen), seriptitiously moving in on Badly Drawn Boy territory. Speaking of, where has he been hiding? The US Session EP (listen) came out two years ago.

Here he is from last year, playing the same pub where he played his first gig 10 years before

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