Wednesday, April 22, 2009

learn to forget

Los Angeles by X never gets old even after ALMOST THIRTY YEARS. (listen) My friend Dean has noted he wants to open a drive-thru southern-style candy shop on Sunset Blvd and call it Johnny's Hit-n-Run Pralines. The following song depicts the scene after most of Dean's jokes.

Germs - GI (listen) Is this cover of Los Angeles a response to this, which came out a year before in 1979? I'm not sure how this never occurred to me, considering how much I love both these albums and their covers, and how they epitomize a particular place and time of interest. Isn't the cover of Los Angeles a photo of a Chris Burden performance/sculpture? I think so, but now I can't find it to verify it. I've always liked the way the flames look like a person looking over the crux of the X, wrapping a hand around it. And the Germs album cover is perfect.

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  1. Amazing how well both of these bands' work holds up. Glad to hear you say it. I wasn't sure if they held up because of how close they both are to my youth and musical taste. Why don't the Germs do a Lynyrd Skynyrd-style reunion tour with someone else as the lead singer? They oughta' sell tickets. I'd buy one...