Monday, April 13, 2009

5 things I read this morning

  1. on the Schott's Miscellany calendar at the coffee shop, Seven angels who stand in the presence of God: Zapkiel, Zadkiel, Camael, Raphael, Haniel, Michael, and Gabriel. You don't hear about about old Zapk(h)iel; there isn't even a Wikipedia page. This site, part of the Bishouen Garden, paints him as a pretty colorful character

In a world based on an Angel Hierarchy with Seven Levels of Heaven & Hell - Zaphkiel, one of the 7 Great Angels, rules over the group known as the Thrones (somewhat like an elite group of assassins) and secretly heads a rebellion group seeking the downfall of the current political set-up in the heavens.

He is blind, though to what extend is questionable - he often uses it as an excuse when caught where he shouldn't be -- but seems to be able to carry out any task with no problem.

Assisting him is often Raziel, a young angel-to be that he rescued from a lab. Raziel has now set himself as a 'protector' of sorts over Zaphkiel, often chiding his elder for skipping meetings and wandering to areas off limits to even the highest of the angels.

Witty and clever, Zaphkiel loves to break out with the oddest of comments and thoughts at the most inappropriate moments. His nickname from Sevotharte is often "Sneaky Little Fox" and he lives up to it well :)

  1. the word never-mindedness at the end of this Peter Schendahl piece about The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, a triennial exhibition of young artists at the New Museum

    Here is a video "A Family Finds Entertainment" by one of Schendahl's favorites of the show, Ryan Trecartin

  2. It is Scott Douglas' birthday. Happy birthday, Scott!

  3. the phrase a paradise for zillionaire money-launderers, referring to Britain in this article about the options for a post-free market society in the Guardian UK

  4. marinating like cheap kebabs from this David Sedaris piece about smoking on trains.

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