Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ollie oxen free

itsnotyouitsme - Walled Gardens (listen) is about as lovely as it gets. Breathy music for guitar and violin and loops that make things bigger than they appear in the way shadows do at the magic hour.

Michael Gordon's Trace (as performed by Icebreaker) is minimalism of a whole different variety. The slap bass unfortunately brings the "Seinfeld" theme to mind, one of the countless crimes that show has committed, but Trance quickly becomes monstrous, filling the sky with forboding clouds and swarms of locusts through which bands of sunlight only appear more intense. An online scavenger hunt for all seven parts of this was initiated yesterday on the Sequenza21 new music blog, each link coming with a clue to another music blog containing the next movement. I'm afraid I only got as far as the fourth movement though. This scavenger hunt business is fun, but here it is at the Cantaloupe Records store if it all gets to be too much.

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