Wednesday, September 23, 2009

three words for you

Howlin' Wolf - A Night With Howlin' Wolf - This album cover is one I want to hold up and say "I got three words for you: How. Lin. Wolf." But since you aren't here, and I don't have the album cover anyway, I'll just tweet it, despite knowing that it is no substitute.
cookalexv has enjoyed things kings and queens will never have. In fact, kings and queens can't never get. And they don't even know about! ♫
Howlin Rain - Magnificent Friend (listen) This is more Blueshammer than it is bluestm, but it hits every one of my exposed nails this morning now that I've settled into the idea of being here today.

Drunk Horse - Adult Situations (listen) Music as classy as the cover. I reviewed their 2005 album In Tongues back at the time and kinda loved it. It woke in me a hard rock side that had gone needlessly dormant. I like that this music is sleazy as advertised yet built on a framework of progressive tendencies. Sorta like if Yes was actually called "Fuckin' A Right!"

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